About MVA Sincephetelo Fund

The Fund has two fully-fledged branches, one in Manzini and one in Mbabane, as well as one mobile office. Payment of medical and rehabilitative benefits in personal injury claims were thus prioritised and, in the event of loss of life, funeral benefits and a loss of support benefits are payable.

The Fund is empowered to participate in national road crash and injury prevention interventions and strategies.

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Intergrated Report 2021

The 2020/21 financial year marked the second year of our journey towards a bold new future, and I am pleased to report that we have made substantial progress in transforming the Fund to
an integrated post-crash value chain model, despite a country beset by political unrest and an already constrained economy, compounded by the effects of COVID-19. Read Report

What We Do

The amended Act stipulates liability benefits for an injured party, in order of preference:

Important Documents

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  • Fikile Khumalo’s life suddenly changed while driving home from RFM Hospital in Manzini, where her daughter had been hospitalized. Her husband, who was the driver, lost control of the vehicle, resulting in a crash that claimed his life, while she sustained severe injuries. “When I regained consciousness, I immediately came to the conclusion that my life had come to an end. I was unemployed and depended on my husband for our upkeep. Worse still, doctors told me I had suffered multiple injuries that would require quite some time travelling to see medical specialists. Since that fateful day, life has been challenging for Fikile. In some instances, she would doctors’ appointments, as she could not afford to cover expenses. This unfortunate situation changed soon after she lodged her claim. “I felt a burden lifted from my shoulder knowing that I had MVA’s support. I feel much better now, and I have learnt to follow the claims process and appreciate that it involves a number of visits to hospitals, especially if injuries are severe. I would also advise anyone who may find themselves in a situation like mine to work together with the fund by proving all the paperwork they will need in order to process your claim in time”. Fikile explains.
    Fikile Khumalo
  • In 18 May 2018, Mrs. Greenhead was walking to work when she was hit by a car from behind, unexpectedly. She sustained internal injuries that developed into complicated medical conditions. Upon giving her statement to the police, Mrs. Greenhead was advised to visit the Fund’s offices and lodge a claim, of which she did. Her claim was well received and liability was accepted by the Fund, to allow for medical referrals. Part of those referrals included a full schedule at Ekuphileni Clinic’s Physiotherapy unit, where she has concluded her sessions. I’m still recovering, but I feel much better. I am just grateful to be back at work and being able to support my family. Although I still have to undergo surgery, I trust that all will go well. One of the lessons I learnt from this accident is that it is important to following through every step lawfully from the very second of the accident and not to try negotiating with culprit. Accidents must be reported to the police and I wish people would not be tempted to agree to a cover up. As a result, I was able to get a police report which enabled me to visit the Fund to lodge a claim,” Mrs. Greenhead advised
    Hazel Greenhead
  • In 2010, when Slondile was just 21 months old, she was involved in a truck accident that sent her infant life on a trajectory her mother would have never imagined. Her mother, Nokujola states that due to spinal injuries sustained, she has had to quit her teaching career to take care of her little one. Having lodged her claim 3 years after the incident, the Fund assisted with ensuring her access to specialist care and the provision of medically related equipment ranging from wheelchairs to numerous other necessities are timeously provided when required. “When I look back, and then look at her today, I am grateful for all the support I have received, both at family level as well as at the hands of MVA staff. I have learnt to understand that we have to engage one another when I come across complications, for the benefit of my daughter.” e tuition fees were covered by the Fund, she now proclaims that she is ready for the corporate world, having recently attained a qualification in Human Resource Management
    Slondile Shabangu
  • Nokuhle used to make a living as a vendor at Mhlaleni selling fruits and vegetables at the densely populated area in Matsapha. On 23 July 2018, Nokuhle’s was involved in an accident that was caused by a stray cow. Since that fateful day, Nokuhle had to adapt to the reality that her road to recovery involves adherence to treatment protocols and rehabilitation. “After lodging a claim with the Fund, I was relieved when told that I would be compensated for the losses suffered as a result of an injury that affected small business. From the claim process, I learnt that it is important to work hand in hand with the officers working on my claim, and that the submission of all the documents they ask for helps them complete one’s claim within a short period.”
    Nokuhle Mamba
  • In 2004, Phumlile was involved in a tragic accident at the tender age of 5 years. While walking with her sister, she was knocked down by vehicle driven by a drunk driver, resulting in the amputation of her left leg. Now 19 years old, Phumlile has spent most of her life walking with the aid of an artificial leg. “Had it not been for the MVA Fund, I’m sure I would not be here today because of the severity of my injuries. The Fund took me to the best specialists in South Africa and since I received the finest treatment possible, I was able to adapt and build a fulfilling life.” Phumlile’s entire tuition fees were covered by the Fund and she now proclaims that she is ready for the corporate world, having recently attained a qualification in Human Resource Management.
    Phumlile Matsentjwa
  • School-going pedestrians are among the most vulnerable road users on Eswatini roads. And on this one fateful day, 11-year-old Seluleko became one of those youngsters to be injured on her way to school. As she lay unconscious on the road, Good Samaritan intervened and rushed her to the hospital. Doctors examined her and found that she suffered head injuries, hence she was hospitalized for a while. “She missed two weeks of school and I was so worried since it was the last term of the year and examinations were close. She was able to write her exams and she passed”. Her mother, Nonhlanhla explains. “Seluleko is recovering well, and as a mother I am just grateful for the peace of mind of not having to worry about medical expenses: past, present and future.”
    Seluleko Hlanze
  • As a long-serving police officer, Blessing had experienced first-hand the very real dangers of the responding to emergencies and solving crime. He can see the irony, and counts himself incredibly lucky, that his closest brush with death came in the form of a car accident. “I have worked as a police officer for a while now and I was involved in an accident while moving houses, having been deployed to a different station. So I said to myself, I’m not lucky to have had the accident, but I’m so lucky that there was an institution that made a lifesaving intervention,” he says. Blessing admits that even though Sincephetelo’s treatment and rehabilitation helped in getting him back on his feet, and returning to work, he misses being able to perform normal police duties, as he is still recovering. The outcome, and the Fund’s empathetic handling of his case, has instead given him a more positive view of his return to normal police routines. “My special message goes to people who cause accidents and decide to disappear without assisting those left at the scene. Let us do the right thing, which is not to run away. And those that already have claims, it is important to be patient and observe all advise and recommendations made by the specialists and those officers who help with treatment of your injuries,” Blessing says
    Blessing Dlamini
  • Jude is leading a life he didn’t plan or envisage, and one that, in recent years, has included considerable challenges. Yet he says he wouldn’t change it for anything. He is a former rugby player and a biker, until he met his tragedy: he crashed his motorcycle onto a kombi that abruptly stopped as he approached behind. With the support of his family, and the encouragement of his fiancé and kids, friends, the SMVAF Officers and medical professionals, Jude has both accepted and conquered the injury he sustained in the accident. Jude speaks fondly about prospects of growing his budding truck business, and he credits returning to meaningful work as key to recovery. He has learnt to adapt to his new life thanks to the prosthetic leg, and, is very thankful to those who sensitised his family about the Fund in a time of dire need. While in intensive care in a SA hospital, he recalls that his medical cover had run out, and expulsion was imminent. His family helped lodge a claim, which triggered the intervention by Sincephetelo. “The MVA Fund came to my rescue just in time and assisted with my medical and rehabilitative bills. I was fortunate to hear about the Fund and the benefits they offer to accident victims and today I am able to play a meaningful role in my family. The attention and care of MVA officers played a huge role in ensuring that the loss of my leg did not affect what I love to do best which is the trucking business.”
    Jude Gilbert